Gas prices keep rising: what steps can you take for your sports facilities?

Recently, gas prices for the Dutch market have risen enormously. However, the impact of this is not the same for all sports clubs and operators of sports facilities, and depends on a number of factors. Is your energy contract due to expire soon, or is the energy consumption of your sports club just too high? Then it’s time for action now.

Is your contract about to expire? Don’t wait too long

If you entered into a 4-year contract in 2018, you have enjoyed low energy and gas prices in recent years. But what about the next four years? If you haven’t yet signed a successor contract, you need to do something soon.

Without action, the contract will change to a variable contract, which will allow the supplier to adjust prices every six months. That will mean your prices will rise and fall depending on market conditions. These interim adjustments can have a significant impact on your operating costs. That’s why it’s advisable to enter into a long-term contract: it will give you certainty for the coming years and protect you from the financial hit of a price increase.

Looking to go sustainable? The time is now!

Of course, the influence you can exert on energy prices is limited. But what you do have real control over is the energy consumption of the facilities you operate. There are plenty of opportunities for sports clubs, entrepreneurs and operators to significantly reduce their energy bills. By implementing measures like insulation, LED field lighting or solar panels to generate your own energy, you can take back control of your energy costs. There are a number of national and municipal subsidies for sustainable investments designed specifically for sports facilities, and in some municipalities these subsidies can even cover up to 90% of your investment. The time for sustainability is now!

Rising energy costs are increasing the need to make sports facilities more sustainable. Various subsidy schemes are available for this, such as the BOSA.


Getting started with Sport NL Green

Are you curious about which the things your sports facilities can do, and do you want to get an idea of your potential savings? Then go to Sport NL Green and take the first steps towards sustainability. This online tool not only gives you insight into the steps you can take, but also immediately shows you the subsidies and financing options available for your sports facility.

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