Apply for the DUMAVA subsidy successfully using these four tips

Last year, it took only 24 hours for the Sustainable Social Real Estate (DUMAVA) subsidy pot to empty. A new application round will start soon and the first property owners are already in the starting blocks to apply for the subsidy. To avoid missing out, good preparation is important. What is required for a successful subsidy application for the DUMAVA? CFP consultant Youp successfully guided several clients through the application procedure and offers some tips.

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Good preparation is half the job

The first and most important tip is: Be on time! Youp: “Applications are processed by date, so it’s really important to have everything ready on time. The application round starts on 1 September 2023 and I recommend submitting your application right then. If you take that as a basis, now is the time to start preparing.”

These four tips are crucial when applying for the DUMAVA

According to Youp, if you want to claim the DUMAVA subsidy, you need at least these four things for a successful application:

  1. A clear sustainability scan
    A sustainability scan sets out what your current situation is, what measures you should take and the results of those measures. Look further ahead and explain what is needed in the mid to long term to achieve your sustainability goals.
  2. Understanding your energy performance jumps
    Have your current and your future energy label calculated. Are making three energy performance jumps? You may then be eligible for more subsidy.
  3. Reconsider measures
    If you did not have certain measures implemented at an earlier stage because they were not cost-effective, then this is the time to reconsider. With a 30% subsidy, these measures can suddenly be profitable.
  4. Insight into costs
    For the subsidy application, you must provide quotations or cost calculations of the measures to be taken. So start requesting quotations on time.

“In the case of DUMAVA, you get 30% subsidy for one to a maximum of three sustainability measures. Do you have more ambitious plans? If you start a comprehensive sustainability project where you make three energy performance jumps, all measures are subsidised at 30%. This may be worth considering.”

– Youp van der Zande, consultant at CFP Green Buildings

A successful application

It sounds easy, but for many property owners it is difficult to obtain all the insights and documentation required for the application. This is why CFP assists various clients in applying for subsidies. Youp: “We successfully helped a big medical centre with their DUMAVA application. They wanted to embark on a large-scale roof renovation, with roof insulation, green roofs and solar panels.”

Groen dak

The award of the DUMAVA subsidy has now made it possible to implement the renovation for the entire medical centre in the short term. That’s 50,000 m2 of roof that can now be made sustainable.”

Do you need help with the application for the DUMAVA subsidy? Our experienced team is ready to guide you through every step of the process. We ensure that your application meets all requirements and that you can benefit optimally from DUMAVA. Interested? Please contact us.

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