Take a tour of the world’s most sustainable WPC

World Port Center Rotterdam is the world’s most sustainable WPC. A large team worked for months on bringing home two very impressive certifications: WELL Gold and BREEAM Excellent. What makes this building special and what measures have been taken? Our CFP colleagues provided a guided tour and took guests through the measures taken and other special places in and around the building.

Highlights during the tour

Unique location

The World Port Center in Rotterdam has a unique location. Various points have also been achieved around the building for both BREEAM and WELL. World Port Center is in a central location and close to public transport. There are many basic amenities nearby, such as a pharmacy and a letter box.

Great ecological value

Several measures have been taken to increase the ecological value of the WPC. Plant containers have been placed around the World Port Centre and this has been turned into an allotment. Bird houses and a bee hotel have also been installed.

Good acoustics

When you step into World Port Center Rotterdam, the attractive entrance immediately catches your eye. Acoustics were carefully considered during the renovation and this is reflected on the ceiling, but also in the other materials used in the entrance area.

Plenty of light and breathtaking views in WPC Rotterdam
The entrance of the World Port Center Rotterdam

Plenty of light and breathtaking views

Needless to say, the entire building has LED lighting, but there is also a lot of natural light. There is a lot of glass in the façade of the WPC, which means that 80% of the workstations have views to the outside. And not just any view, but views over the whole city and over water. And that, in turn, is good for the state of mind.

Lots of greenery and art

When you take a tour of the World Port Centre, you will see a lot of art in all the stairwells and corridors of the building. There is also plenty of greenery, making for a healthier indoor environment.

Lots of greenery and art in WPC Rotterdam
Lots of greenery and art in WPC Rotterdam

A healthy menu in the restaurant

The restaurant offers free fresh drinking water, with a different flavour every day. Healthy eating is also encouraged. Fruit and vegetables are prominently displayed and quizzes are available to promote healthy eating. In addition, all food comes with allergy information.

Do you want to know more about the World Port Center and its certifications? Read the detailed customer case here.

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