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Use our online NL Green [NL Groen in Dutch] tool for making sports clubs, educational buildings, care institutions and social property more sustainable. Arrange all your green products, subsidies, loans and energy with just a few clicks.

NL Green

The online NL Green tool can be used for all types of buildings.

In NL Groen, all users find a way to become more sustainable. Not only advice, but also service and ordering sustainable measures. Maybe not everyone is that far yet, but in 10 years e-commerce will be the norm. With the first rollout of NL Groen for Dutch sports facilities, NOC*NSF, VWS, 30,000 sports accommodations and 70 sports associations are gaining experience with digital end-to-end service. This not only makes the sport sector more sustainable, but also develops sustainable e-commerce for the future. We also make platforms for the financial sector, healthcare and government, which can be implemented in many countries.

The advantages
All green products, subsidies and loans in one place
Subsidies often turn into positive cash flow after just 1 year
A full business case for sustainability in 3 steps

We work together with

Making your sports facilities more sustainable with Sport NL Green

We developed Sport NL Green to make it easier for any sports club to improve its sustainability. It’s an independent online tool that allows you to see at a glance the current sustainability performance of the sports facility, and then gives you one place to go for all sustainability aspects – direct access to appropriate sustainability advice, suitable measures and subsidy and financing options.

No more high costs and complexity, just a clear business case that makes both costs and savings visible. Together, we will make it accessible and profitable to make sports facilities sustainable.

Energieneutraal gebouw
Sport NL Groen

Making sustainability easy for the Dutch sports world

Sport NL Green gives you a clear picture of the ideal sustainability trajectory in just three steps. With the help of thorough analyses from the tool, we show you what it actually costs to make the building more sustainable, which measures are best suited to the building and which suppliers you can turn to. It’s a non-profit tool that was developed in collaboration between the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport & NOC*NSF. Thanks to partnerships with affiliated manufacturers and banks, and free advice from energy coaches, now all sports clubs throughout the Netherlands have an accessible way to go sustainable. 

Free advice for sports entrepreneurs 

Are you a sports entrepreneur or owner of a sports club? Then you can request a free energy coach in the online tool and get advice on making sports clubs, sports associations and sports facilities more sustainable. We also offer advice on sustainability to municipalities. In the municipality module, we give you insight into the potential for improvement. We do this for entire portfolios, but also at the level of individual buildings.

Verduurzamen van sportclubs met Sport NL Groen

Making sustainability accessible in every sector

We are committed to scalable and accessible sustainability. And we know that for the energy transition to be successful, everyone must have a path to increasing sustainability. Online tools and platforms make it easy and cost-effective to implement sustainability on a large scale.

Now it’s your turn

With Sport NL Green, everyone can become more sustainable. Learn from other green entrepreneurs who are making smart investments in the future of their businesses.

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