50 keys to success: Discover the best practices at the Green Buildings Event

Step into a world full of inspiration and innovation, where dozens of visionary speakers reveal their unique best practices. Each logo represents a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help you achieve your sustainable goals. Explore, learn, and be inspired by this collection of brilliant insights and practical tips.

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De best practices in a row

  • a.s.r. real estate – The path to a carbon-neutral real estate portfolio.
  • ABN Amro – DuPa 2.0: Get on board, or you’ll be left behind!
  • Accu’t Batteries – Solving grid congestion with second-life EV batteries.
  • AM – Find your role in the social transition towards a sustainable construction sector.
  • Apenheul – How do you enhance a love for nature with an adventurous day out?
  • Aurum Europe – Collaboratively managing energy data intelligently.
  • AVO Berlage BV – Transformation of a former church building into a sustainable short-stay complex.
  • biocompact – How toilet water conservation will save the world.
  • BouwBoeren / BioBased Factory / BioBased Housing Solutions – Biobased construction: from land to building.
  • BREEAM – The added value of BREEAM for real estate.
  • CFP Green Buildings – Cloud-native sustainability @ CFP.
  • CFP Green Buildings – Retrofitting 1 million homes per year for sustainability.
  • CFP Green Buildings – The added value of BREEAM for real estate.
  • DGBC – Paris Proof: the goal for CO2 reduction in the built environment.
  • Duurzame Bedrijven Route – Show what you do!
  • E&co Warenhuis – How future-proof is a warehouse of the future?
  • Ecoteers – Sustainable collaborations for products and services through simplified true pricing.
  • EQUANS – A step-by-step guide to solving your network congestion problem.
  • Eurest – The caterer of the Green Buildings Event 2024 on how they are making their catering service more sustainable.
  • Fagerhult – Is lighting sustainable? Looking beyond just the term LED is very necessary!
  • Fairphone – Changes in our hands.
Best practices Green Buildings Event 2024
  • City of Utrecht – Circular construction in Utrecht: Experiences from 20 area developments and projects.
  • GIM – Every detail matters: digital data for sustainable real estate.
  • Groene Bouwhekken – Green Construction Fences: Making Construction Sites Livable!
  • ING DCM – Sustainable Financing and the EU Taxonomy.
  • ING REF – ING Real Estate Finance supports its clients towards sustainability!
  • Kuijpers – CirKu. A practical tool for circular design and installation.
  • Lease a Bike – Explore business leasing for bicycles. Good for your health, your wallet, and the world.
  • Lidl (vastgoedafdeling) – How Lidl is electrifying its store transportation.
  • Novar – Is energy transition possible with current grid congestion?
  • Oyster Heaven (pitch in het Engels) – Oyster Reefs and the Housing Crisis.
  • Prefab Isolatie – Insulation & Finishing in One Day, Without Resident Disruption.
  • Pretty Plastic – Building from waste.
  • Qien – A Modern Building Radiates Energy.
  • Quatt – Transitioning from Gas with Heat Pumps: From Startup to Market Leader.
  • Rabo SmartBuilds – Rapidly building affordable, high-quality homes on temporary sites.
  • Rabo Real Estate Finance – With future-proofing and sustainability at the forefront, Rabo REF collaborates with clients on solutions aligned with the necessary transitions.
  • Rabobank – Energy hubs: framing organization and financing.
  • Signify – From sustainable to healthy lighting.
  • University of Eindhoven – Interactive environments – Public Space Design: Encouraging physical activity.
  • VB Optimum – Monumental Building Achieves Paris Proof with Digital Twin and Dynamic Climate Control.
  • VORM Holding – VORM and Wood: What’s Going Well, What’s Going Wrong?
  • VORM Holding – Development without a developer: User-driven management with the ‘Kijk op de Wijk’ Methodology.
  • Woongezond Experience – “Wilco and the BioBeast” – Comedy about healthy building and living.
  • ZustaìnaBox – Zustaina – Make an Impact. Give well and do good with a sustainable gift.

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