Green Buildings Event

Accelerate the energy transition, boost radical innovations and really get moving. That is the thrust of the Green Buildings Event. CFP has organised this successful event seventeen times for hundreds of professionals involved in real estate sustainability.

What does this event offer you? A unique way to build on the energy transition, and new insights to stay ahead with sustainability. The latest addition took place on

Thursday 11 April 2024.

Green Buildings Event: Sustainable in one day

50 best practices in sustainable buildings

At the Green Buildings Event, we bring together the pioneers of green buildings. “Sustainable in One Day” was the theme of the latest edition on 11 April 2024, featuring 50 best practices in sustainable buildings. Discover the latest innovations. Be inspired by visionary speakers leading the way towards a climate-neutral future. Learn from experts in energy efficiency, circular economy, and green materials. Meet professionals in the sector who prioritize sustainability. It’s refreshing and energizing, guaranteed!

Whether you are a financier, investor, developer, construction company or government agency, the event offers a unique opportunity to share insights, to network and work together towards a common goal: creating greener, healthier and future-proof buildings.

Not just listening, but actually doing

At the Green Buildings Event, there will be all kinds of activities, such as entrepreneurs pitching their best practices.

Interactive sessions are also part of the programme. Collaborate on innovative ideas together. Share knowledge to advance innovations and accelerate the energy transition. We echo trend analyst Christine Boland, speaker in 2024: ‘It’s time for a metamorphosis!’

50 keys to success:
Discover the best practices!

Step into a world full of inspiration and innovation, where 50 visionary speakers unveil their unique best practices. Each logo represents a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help you achieve your sustainable goals. Explore, learn, and be inspired by this collection of brilliant insights and practical tips!

Best practices during Green Buildings Event

Want to experience more? Watch the aftermovie of 2024.

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