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Developments and innovations in the field of sustainability just keep coming along faster and faster. That’s why we’ve created an extensive knowledge base, so you know exactly where to go to get up to speed on the latest.

Series: Making your property more sustainable – savings, comfort or circularity?

Legislation now and in the years to ahead is very decisive in the…

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Webinar review: “Build the sustainability of your brain”

As an office owner, what has the biggest impact on your operational costs?…

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The NTA 8800 certification: what does it mean for you?

A new EPC method arises: the NTA 8800 EPC. Originally slated for 1…

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Paris Proof Commitment: ‘Measuring actual energy use makes climate targets more feasible’

CFP Green Buildings has signed the Paris Proof Commitment of the Dutch Green…

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Greening real estate in the United Kingdom – Watch the webinar here

the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted an online event to…

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ABN AMRO invests in sustainability with CFP’s sustainable investment tool

CFP has a first with the development of the sustainable investment tool. The…

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CFP Green Buildings awarded EcoVadis Silver certificate

CFP Green Buildings has been awarded the EcoVadis Silver certificate. This independent CSR…

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Working in coronavirus times at CFP

A lot has changed in the recent past. This is also the case…

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MVO Nederland appoints Bram Adema to Supervisory Board

MVO Nederland appoints Bram Adema as a member of the Supervisory Board. This…

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