Green Buildings Regatta: last year’s winners make their presence felt

The Green Buildings Regatta has been held 16 times before, and on 9 September 2022 it will be time for the seventeenth. The teams are being formed, some are already training, and anticipation is building to a fever pitch. In the run-up to the race, we spoke to last year’s numbers 1 and 2 and asked them what makes the Green Buildings Regatta so special for them.

Excited about the Green Buildings Regatta? There are still a few places available!

Both Tom van Putten (Maasdam) and Bort Nieuwboer (VFM) both have a long history with the Green Buildings Regatta, and neither will miss the chance to compete for the coveted trophy again this year. Tom “This will be the fourth time that I participate, but last year was the best so far. We won with Sport NL Groen’s boat, and the atmosphere on board was fantastic. Also, the captain was really nice and he really let the people on board do their thing.” “Apart from being a sailing event, this is also one of the most important facility events that you simply must attend,” Bort adds. You meet many colleagues in your field, and that’s an important element. This combined with a sailing competition makes you get the best out of each other and your team, which is what makes it truly unique. And that’s why we’ve been taking part in it for so many years.”

“The sailing, the sporting and competitive elements and the collaboration make the Green Buildings Regatta a dynamic and unique event.” 

– Bort Nieuwboer, VFM

Participate with your own boat or join a crew

The sailing regatta is suitable for everyone, with or without a boat. Bort competed for years with a rented boat. “After a few times you figure out how the handicaps work with the boats and which boat you prefer. For the last three years, we have been participating with our own ship, with our own skipper. That’s something special. That’s how you build up a bond with the ship and the skipper. And that’s what makes it extra fun. You are more in tune with each other and already know each other.”

Tom, on the other hand, didn’t have a team when he participated for the first time last year, and was able to join the Sport NL Green team. This year, he is participating with his own team for the first time. “When we were part of a bigger team last year and won, we decided right away that we would enter our own boat this year. Preferably with the same boat and some of the same people. But now we also want to invite our own clients out, to share this unique experience.”

Even if you can’t sail, this is a very nice, relaxed way to get acquainted with competitive sailing. So if you are thinking about it but still uncertain: don’t wait! Just do it! It’s a unique experience.”

– Tom van Putten, Maasdam

The highlight: a nail-biting nautical race

When asked what they like most about the Green Buildings Regatta, neither had to think for long. It’s the race. That’s number one. “The whole day is fantastic,” says Bort. “It starts right from the opening reception, where we, the attendees, are given every opportunity to invite our own clients and business contacts to join us. Then comes the test run, where everything is explained. But the highlight of the day is the race itself.” Tom joins in: “The start of the race is really so exciting, I can hardly tell you. During the countdown, you can feel the tension rising. You really have to be in the right place at the right time and get the start just right. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Then you round out the day with the prize ceremony, reception and fun. You meet a lot of people from the business, and the atmosphere is so positive.”

Expectations for the coming race

Tom and Bort finished as number 1 and 2 in last year’s Green Buildings Regatta. Although they are mainly competing for fun, they are setting the bar high again this year. “The sailing itself is winning for me,” says Bort. Just getting to take part in it is already so much fun. Last year we crossed the finish line in first place twice, and that’s when you really feel something competitive rising in you. But because of our handicaps, we fell short of winning by just 12 seconds. Then you feel a little disappointed and think: where did I loose/give away those 12 seconds?” Tom concludes: “Yes, winning does give an extra lustre to the regatta. Of course, we do hope to be a top finisher again this year. The cup has been displayed at our office in Maasdam, and we hope to take it home again this year.”

Tom takes the win during the Green Buildings Regatta 2021.

Muiderzand, 17 September 2021. 16th edition of the CFP Green Building Regatta

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