NEXT Delft looks to a healthy future with the WELL Building Standard

The indoor climate of a building has a major influence on the health of its users. But how can you make a building healthier? ASR Dutch Science Park Fund (a.s.r.) and CFP Green Buildings are joining forces to reconfigure NEXT Delft in an optimally healthy way with the WELL Building Standard.

To retain innovative companies and attract new ones, a.s.r. is having a new office building built on the TU Delft Campus for innovative scale-ups, SMEs and corporates: NEXT Delft. The building provides innovative companies with accommodation and facilities, in other words: the space they need to actively grow and advance on the campus.

Healthy into the future

At this point the WELL measures have been implemented in the design plans for NEXT Delft. During development, much attention was paid to things like systems for an optimal indoor climate. There is sufficient greenery both inside and outside the building, and building users are encouraged to take sufficient exercise. The furnishings have been selected with an eye to the details — like Delft Blue elements to highlight the strong connection with the locale.

Inclusive picture of sustainability and health for building users

Luc Joosten, Fund director of ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, explains. “The past year has made clearer than ever how important a healthy working environment is for people’s well-being and productivity. On behalf of the fund, a.s.r. as owner of NEXT Delft, is taking responsibility for creating a sustainable, healthy, inspiring and future-proof environment in which people can work in comfort. That’s why in making NEXT Delft a reality, we are not only looking at the sustainability of the building — with our eyes on a BREEAM Excellent rating — but also at creating a sustainable and healthy working environment by applying the WELL Building Standard.”

The WELL Building Standard

The WELL Building Standard offers a practical approach to creating a healthy and productive building. Lian van Uem, WELL consultant at CFP, says, “The WELL features provide an inclusive picture of health based on 11 categories: air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind, community and innovation. On the basis of these categories, we work with a.s.r. and project developer Stone 22 to determine which measures can be applied for NEXT Delft. a.s.r.’s strong drive to turn this into an optimally healthy building will have a major impact and set a new standard.”

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