Interview: This is why ASVZ recommends energy management to everyone

Wibaut Nouwens is responsible for energy management at ASVZ. What are his experiences and findings with the implementation of energy management so far? Read the most important findings after one year below in this interview with Wibaut Nouwens.

Mandatory energy management

Under the Recognised Measures, ASVZ is legally obliged to manage energy. For some buildings, the organisation is required to work with smart meters with an energy consumption manager and with an automatic Energy Registration and Monitoring System (EBS) with reporting function per day, week and year. To do this, ASVZ relies on the expertise of CFP Green Buildings. Among other things, CFP takes care of changes and quarterly reports, and identifies actions, which CFP discusses with Wibaut on a biweekly basis. In recent times, actions have focused on things like heat pump swings, reducing idle consumption, reducing peaks (peak shaving) and optimising start-up times.

Findings after one year

After more than a year of working with energy management, ASVZ has gained many insights. There is more insight into consumption, yields, energy use profiles and energy waste. It has also given ASVZ the information it needs for planning, controlling and demonstrating energy savings more quickly. Furthermore, the results showed ASVZ that settings of the building management system should be managed much better, by revealing that there were ambiguities in the management (who makes the adjustments?) and about the settings (why set them this way?). Moreover, ASVZ was able to save money on energy contracts. The connection value for large consumers (purchasing advantage for transport contract values up to €20,000 per year) has now been reduced. Metering services could also be re-tendered, and are now cheaper (purchasing advantage of €10,000 per year). When tendering for new supply contracts, reliable connection data and consumption data can now be provided, along with good profiles of buildings regarding consumption and feed-in, and this gives a further advantage in terms of price.

“Numbers don’t lie. My advice: start working on energy management, because it’s well worth the investment.”

– Wibaut Nouwens, ASVZ

Energy savings achieved in 2020

In 2020, ASVZ reduced CO2 emissions by 28%. For example, simply adjusting the clock times of the climate control systems in one of the offices resulted in savings of €6,000 per year. For the 20 largest buildings, the combined energy costs were €200,000 per year. Now, cost savings of 5% to 10% per building have been achieved.

Want to get started on your own?

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