International Green Building Conference marks the start of the Green Buildings Tool in Singapore

CFP continues to push boundaries to make the world more sustainable. This week we took another major step in this direction at the International Green Building Conference in Singapore, where our CEO Bram Adema participated in a panel discussion with Ho Chee Kit and Matthew Clifford from Cushman & Wakefield.

International Green Buildings Conference

On June 26th and 27th, the International Green Building Conference (IGBC) was held in Singapore. Two days of transformative learning, insightful discussions, tabletop exhibitions and networking opportunities took place across the key themes in sustainable real estate, ranging from the energy transformation towards Net Zero to navigating the transition to climate action.

A panel discussion at IGBC on Leading the Way: Decarbonisation Strategies and Case Studies from the Global Real Estate Industry. From left to right: Matthew Clifford and Ho Chee Kit from Cushman & Wakefield and Bram Adema, CFP Green Buildings.

Leading the way

Our CEO Bram Adema stated the following at the IGBC 2023 in Singapore: “The Netherlands and Singapore have a lot in common; real estate as the biggest emitter of operational carbon, advanced and sustainable real estate and millions of existing houses and buildings that have to go to Net Zero Carbon.

Our two countries can lead the way for more than 20 countries in Europe and 20 countries in South Eastern Asia. Let us join hands and scale up energy and carbon reduction in houses and buildings in these regions. The CFP Green Buildings Tool will facilitate this carbon reduction towards Net Zero, making all real estate future proof while creating billions of dollars in value and reducing the cost of energy significantly for over 1 billion people in the two regions.

Banks, governments, property owners and Building Technology suppliers will enable and benefit from investments and value creation alike, while meeting the Paris Proof goals for carbon reduction in real estate.

To us at CFP Green Buildings, the recipe for successfully meeting these enormous goals is simple: a little frustration with our current progress towards the long term goals, and a lot of hope and perseverance to get there just the same.”

Decoding decarbonisation: our Data-driven Tool

Sustainability is an evolving space that often presents challenges and complexities, particularly for banks and financial institutions seeking to incorporate sustainable practices into their portfolios. Recognising the need for simplicity and efficiency, we have developed the Green Buildings Tool as a game-changing solution. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights and a robust global building database, the tool provides actionable insights and facilitates well-informed decision-making. This enables banks and financial institutions to embrace sustainable investments with ease – contributing to Singapore’s vision for a greener future.

Alignment with Singapore’s vision for sustainability

Singapore, renowned for its commitment to sustainable real estate development, recognises the importance of integrating sustainability into its real estate market. CFP Green Buildings is aligned with Singapore’s commitment to sustainability and supports the nation’s objectives outlined in the Singapore Green Building Masterplan. By offering the Tool as a free service to their clients, financial institutions can contribute to Singapore’s vision of greening 80% of buildings, achieving 80% energy efficiency improvement, and transitioning to Super Low Energy buildings by 2030.

Key collaborations with industry-leading organisations

By collaborating with industry-leading organisations worldwide, such as HSBC UK, ING Bank, Lloyd’s Banking Group, Cushman & Wakefield, and the Singapore Green Building Council, we can build a greener future. Through these strategic alliances, we have successfully implemented sustainable building solutions and consultancy services, driving the adoption of green practices and influencing positive change across the real estate landscape.

International Green Building Coference Singapore

Let’s build a greener future together

We invite banks and financial institutions in Singapore to embrace the Green Buildings Tool as a strategic tool that simplifies sustainable real estate decision-making, fosters transparency, and drives positive change in the sustainability space. By leveraging technology and data, financial institutions can play a pivotal role in creating a more sustainable and resilient built environment for Singapore. To learn more about our Tool, you can request a demo or get in touch.

Green Buildings is a partner of the Singapore Green Building Council. Read more about this partnership.

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