Combining elite sport with working at CFP: meet our colleague Jort

Ambition and commitment, hard work and occasionally fun. That typifies the average colleague at CFP Green Buildings. Not surprisingly, we have several colleagues with exceptional side activities. Colleague Jort Marree plays hockey at Schaerweijde in Zeist and practices the sport at a high level. He combines elite sport and his university bachelor studies with working at CFP. Are you also curious to know how he does this and what challenges he faces? Read it in this article.

Jort started playing football at a young age. When he moved to Zeist with his family at the age of 10, it was hockey that came his way. He proved to be good at it and has now advanced with his team to the highest division. Jort: “Currently, we are in the premier league, the highest division in Dutch hockey. Our team come from all over the Netherlands, from cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht, but we also have team members from Australia and Pakistan.”

How are you able to combine your elite sport career with your work at our organisation? Are there any specific challenges you have had to overcome?

“Combining hockey with my 32-hour work week at CFP is sometimes challenging. Partly because I also study business administration alongside work and sport. To make the combination, I particularly need to communicate and plan well. In addition, including recovery periods in my schedule is also very important.”

“As far as hockey is concerned, I receive an overall schedule setting out training and match times from the start of the season until winter. Training times cannot be deviated from. A week in advance, the final weekly schedule will be shared. Although most of it is already known, the weekly schedule still needs to be coordinated with my work at CFP. In some periods, I work two days a week, for example, because we train extra hard for a play-off against a promoted side. At CFP, there is a lot of understanding for this and a lot of thought goes into how this can be achieved. At CFP, I also have the opportunity to work from home. That way, I can put in as many hours as possible and also be on time for training. I usually work two days at the office in Naarden and two days at home.

Of course, I am also expected to know my responsibilities and ensure my work is carried out.”

What skills or lessons have you learnt from your elite sport experience that you have been able to apply in your professional life?

“Setting targets and monitoring them is important, both for hockey and CFP. I always view any resulting feedback positively. I see criticism as something that can improve your performance and someone else helps you by pointing it out. Hockey is further a team sport where you have to know your position. This also applies to my professional life. You learn to know your role and act accordingly.”

“Hockey has taught me discipline. As a result, I have learned to be disciplined in my work and that is paying off in both my studies and work. Continually looking at the way I am doing things helps me achieve
my targets.”

Jort Marree, CFP Green Buildings

Can you give an example of a difficult situation where you have had to juggle your elite sport commitments and your work? How did you deal with that?

Jort: “The end of the hockey season at the beginning of this year was a busy period, with me combining 32 hours of work with exams as well as three games around which the entire hockey season revolved. The shame is that I had to miss the Friday afternoon drinks sessions and the CFP family day because of this, but I do try to stay active socially. The social aspect is very important to me and in such a period I put extra energy into it.”

How do you ensure a good balance between your elite sport activities and your work, and how do you avoid overload?

“Sleep is the most important thing. I always make sure I sleep at least eight hours a night, and in doing so build up my rhythm. If I maintain my rhythm, it’s easy to keep it up. Breaking my rhythm causes problems. Then I notice that my body does not recover well and I soon feel ill.”

What advice would you give to other people considering combining elite sport and a full-time job?

Jort: “When applying, indicate immediately that you are active in elite sport. You can then look at the employer’s response and try to find an employer where space is created for you to combine the two.”

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share about your experience with elite sport and working at CFP Green Buildings?

“Yes, make sure you enjoy what you do! I like everything I do: my studies, hockey and work. This way, everything can be combined and you can enjoy it.”

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