Carbon reporting in real estate made easy with the CFP Green Buildings Tool

Surging energy prices and pressing regulations have made the energy performance and carbon emissions of properties an important topic for real estate investors worldwide. However, real estate investors – especially with large portfolios – face the challenge of data quality for insights, target setting and carbon reporting. Assessing real estate portfolios can be costly and time-consuming, especially when looking at physical assessments per property.

CFP Green Buildings now provides digital Portfolio Analysis to analyse large real estate portfolios based on their energy performance and carbon emissions. With the simple input of four data points – the address, property type, construction period, and floor area – the CFP Green Buildings Tool algorithms provide useful data results that can be utilised for your specific needs, including risk assessments, PCAF reporting, CRREM analyses, and personal carbon targets.  

CFP Green Buildings has created digital solutions for property/portfolio assessments 

CFP Green Buildings has conducted some of the largest property assessment projects worldwide and started developing digital solutions for these assessments in 2015. Currently, CFP works together with over 20 banks internationally and helps real estate investors obtain insights into their real estate’s energy consumption and carbon emissions.  

Only the four previously mentioned data points are required to assess a property. Entire portfolios can be assessed at once, resulting in the following outcomes: 

  • Current EPC ratings/proxies  
  • Energy consumption benchmarks  
  • Carbon dioxide emissions and potential savings  
  • Energy costs and potential savings  
  • Prioritised energy efficiency measures  
  • Investment costs for energy efficiency measures  
  • Potential improved EPC ratings/proxies  

Portfolio Analysis can lead to multiple value streams

The results of the Portfolio Analysis can lead to varying value streams. CFP has performed a Portfolio Analysis for major banks, such as HSBC, Lloyds, Bank van Breda, and more. These clients each have their own use case for the results. Often Portfolio Analysis are used for Green Bonds, reporting, CRREM alignment, and risk assessments.   

Portfolio Analysis results can be to identify the top 15% of your real estate portfolio through which Green Bonds can be issued. An example is the Argenta case, where CFP performed a Portfolio Analysis. The results were used by Argenta to issue Green Bonds.  

The Portfolio Analysis can also be used for reporting practices. The results are aligned with PCAF reporting standards & frameworks and can match PCAF score 2. The analysis also creates the opportunity to analyse your real estate portfolios according to Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) strategy pathways.  

Furthermore, a Portfolio Analysis creates an overview of your real estate portfolio(s) or loan book, identifying high-risk sections, investments, and savings potential. Based on this, lenders can start the engagement process with clients.  

Futureproof your real estate

If you feel like a Portfolio Analysis can help you reduce time spent on obtaining real estate data, feel free to reach out for a free demo of the Green Buildings Tool. We are happy to share thoughts on the topic and see how we can help your business.  

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