Applying anonymously at CFP – What are the experiences?

CFP actually put it to the test and tried out a new, anonymous way of applying for jobs. The application process consisted of completing an assignment, which the applicant then submitted anonymously, so CFP did not know who had come up with this solution: nothing about the applicant’s age, background, education or work experience – just an objective look at how this person completed this assignment. We asked colleague Nanda Verschoor about her experience with this new way of applying for jobs.

Why apply anonymously?

When I applied, I already knew something about CFP because I had met Bram Adema. So I had some sense of what the company is about. And when I saw that opening come up, I jumped at the chance. What I liked about this way of applying is that I had to think carefully about my own role and function and how I was going to fill it. That immediately gave me a good idea of what my work would be like, and what I learned was that it suited me. It was not so much about the anonymity, but the whole process that really intrigued me.

How did you like the way you applied?

To be honest: it was a lot of work! Because actually you have go much deeper than you do with an ordinary cover letter and resume. And how do you make sure you stand out from the other submissions? To distinguish myself, I decided to make a video instead of a writing letter or making a presentation. In the video I outlined what my first 100 days would look like and what I would have achieved after a year.

“I usually find job descriptions difficult and vague. You always have to wait and see what your work will really look like. With this assignment, I was asked to think carefully about my own role and function, and I was forced to really research what the job entails.”

– Nanda Verschoor, Account Executive at CFP Green Buildings

So what did your first 100 days turn out to look like?

I guess I have to say the first 100 days came down to a “pretty standard” start. Getting to know all the tools, taking the training courses… Of course with my own critical eye and fresh perspective, so I think I gave valuable feedback. It’s also really important in the first few months to get to know your colleagues well, so that you really become part of the team.

Would you also recommend this way of applying to other employers?

I am in favour of applying anonymously. For example, things like a foreign surname or the fact that you are a woman can be a disadvantage. At CFP, they already knew a bit about me, so applying anonymously could have worked against me in this case. But everyone has equal opportunity, and that appealed to me. A disadvantage of this way of applying might be that it is difficult to assess whether someone fits into the team, since the procedure is anonymous.

You have been working at CFP for some time now. How do you like it?

I love it! It turned out to be even more fun than I had hoped. From day two, I was already sitting at the table with different customers, and I was included in everything that happens in the company. There is a lot of attention to my personal growth, and that’s such a good thing. It is a pleasant, close-knit team and no one is afraid to work hard. Everyone is motivated to achieve the best results and that suits me well.

Are you also interested in working at CFP Green Buildings?

You can, because we are still looking for colleagues. How would you fill your first 100 days as a Project & Account Manager, for example? For more information on these and other vacancies, please contact us at or by phone on +31 55 – 355 51 99.

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