Sustainability Scan helps Nuon make large business customers more sustainable

Before Article
  • Fossil-fuel-free in a single generation
  • Clarification of energy-saving measures
  • Awareness of savings and sustainability
  • Development and implementation of Nuon’s Sustainability Scan

As a leader in the energy transition, Nuon/Vattenfall’s mission is to be fossil-fuel-free within a single generation. That’s why it is investing heavily itself in sustainable energy generation, such as wind power and solar energy. In addition, it offers customers products and services that can help them become more sustainable, including local generation and storage. It also clarifies energy-saving measures and carries out additional scans. CFP has developed the Nuon Sustainability Scan, which conveniently shows what energy-saving measures users or building owners can put in place to improve energy performance. This makes customers more aware of consumption, options for saving energy, and ways to become more sustainable.

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