100th Sustainability Scan for Vattenfall

From 2023 onwards, all office buildings in the Netherlands must have a minimum EPC of C. Vattenfall helps its customers to achieve this objective and therefore makes the Sustainability Scan available free of charge. The first milestone has been reached: the 100th Sustainability Scan was carried out by CFP just before the end of the year.

Current EPC and sustainability measures

The Sustainability Scan is carried out using the Green Buildings Tool. The scan shows at a glance the current condition of your buildings and the corresponding EPC. But it goes much further. You can also see what sustainability measures you can take for each building. Including the business case per building. This makes it a lot easier to make your building more sustainable.

The results of the 100th scan

The 100th Sustainability Scan was conducted by CFP for Alliance Healthcare Nederland, a customer of Vattenfall. Vattenfall has shown Alliance Healthcare Nederland how they can save almost € 25,000 per year on their energy costs. This equates to a CO2 saving of almost 100 tonnes of CO2.
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