Bernice Notenboom led a North Pole expedition in April 2017 that symbolised the 2° Climate Agreement reached in Paris. It’s exactly ten years since she was the first Dutch woman to reach the North Pole on skis. She started at latitude 88° north and finished at the North Pole, 90° north. On the way, her team carried out scientific research in collaboration with NASA and the ESA. The expedition emphasises the urgency of Arctic research and the 2 Degrees Agreement.

The North Pole
Nowhere on the planet are the effects of climate change more apparent than at the North Pole. Since 2007, the Arctic has already reached a tipping point on three occasions. The melting of the North Pole is now a driving force for climate change. The feedback loops that this leads to will have a serious impact on everybody on earth. If we take the aims of the 2° Agreement seriously, we can prevent future climate disasters.

Sponsorship from CFP Green Buildings
Scientists have determined that we have only 10 years to reduce our CO2emissions. Fortunately, the world seems to be heeding the wake-up call, and great attention is now being paid to sustainability. But making things more sustainable is proceeding much too slowly. That’s why CFP was a sponsor for the expedition. People need to be more aware of the rapid deterioration of our planet, and nowhere is the impact of global warming more apparent than in the Arctic. The leading group aims to inspire all real estate owners in the Netherlands and above all to encourage them to accelerate the process of improving sustainability.

The leading group
ING REF was the main sponsor of Bernice’s expedition, with these ING REF clients acting as co‑sponsors: Breevast, Brinkel Beleggingen, Built to Build Vastgoed, Cocon Vastgoed Management, Duijnstede Beheer, GEVA Vastgoed/Strijp-T, Icon Real Estate, Investore, Merin, Mobion, OVG Real Estate, Pygo Netherlands, Sectie5, Urban Interest, VAANSTER, and VORM. Besides CFP, the following parties in the real estate sector were also sponsors: AAFM Facility Management and Van Draeckeburgh.Read moreabout their reasons for becoming sponsors.

The team and the expedition programme
The expedition team consisted of Bernice Notenboom, Ann Daniels, and Martin Hartley. The expedition took from 1 April to 25 April 2017. It started from Spitsbergen by Hercules aircraft to the Russian airfield/camp at Barneo and then by helicopter to the starting point 220 km from the North Pole (88° north).

European Space Agency and NASA
The expedition team carried out measurements of the snow 50 times each day, a total of 1250. From 88° north, NASA’s Operation IceBridge performed a number of fly-overs so as to calibrate the Cryosat satellite in polar orbit with the measurements taken by the team.