Energy Battle

  • Playfully learning about sustainability
  • Working together to reduce energy consumption

Developed in collaboration with the city of Rotterdam.

More info about Energy Battle

Sustainability for the future

Sustainability is playing a bigger role than ever before in our society. We are consuming massive amounts of our planet’s mineral and energy resources and definitely can’t keep up with this behaviour much longer since these materials will simply run out. We should not burden our earth more than is strictly necessary, so it’s critical we find alternatives, not just for us, but also for the subsequent generations. But how big is the impact of the transition to a more sustainable future on children?

Learned in the cradle, carried to the tomb

It’s important to create awareness among children concerning their energy use. If they learn to use their energy sparingly starting at a young age, they will notice the benefits later on in their life. It’s also important that they understand why exactly the use of our planet’s mineral and energy resources should be lowered as much as possible. This way they will maintain a positive attitude while contributing towards sustainability. Because of this Energy Battle was organised last year in Rotterdam.

Get started with Energy Battle

The Energy Battle is a school competition that teaches kids everything about sustainability in a playful and enjoyable way. Schools are battling each other in a fun way to use as little energy as possible. During these playful exercises about energy conservation the kids can earn badges and through a weekly scoreboard their progress will be displayed. Through this way the children and school councils discover the performance of their school building and the improvements they can make if necessary.

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