Energy module

Advice about sustainability within a few minutes

  • Sustainability advice
  • Advice per building or complete portfolio
  • Transparent
  • Business case
  • Displays EPC

Further information about the Energy Module

Why would you make your residences and premises more sustainable?

There are several reasons to invest in the process of making your premises and residences more sustainable. To start off, the law and regulations are changing drastically, which means that companies will be stimulated to invest more in sustainable measures, which eventually leads to saving energy costs. In addition your premises will also become a lot more valuable since the average rental price lies higher, tenants are more content and these sustainable premises have high occupancy levels.

Make your building more sustainable with the Energy Module

The Energy Module provides one clear overview of how buildings can be made more sustainable. The module makes use of the largest green buildings expert system, big data and online data, such as the Dutch Land Registry and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The Energy Module gives you an insight into the current EPC and associated sustainable measures ( both for the building as for complete portfolio’s) within just minutes.


In the sustainability advice the Energy Module makes it comprehensible which savings and EPC improvements can be made possible through the form of a business case. This also includes the intended investment and cost recovery periods. The Energy Module doesn’t cost the property owners anything, in terms of either time or money.

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