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Further information about E-learning

Sustainability is inevitable

Currently we are using way to many raw materials, a whole lot more than our earth can cope with. It’s obvious that we can’t keep continuing like this. Most of the profit lies in the sustainability of premises and when we can make changes here, we could save 50% in the upcoming 5 years. Hence why it’s important that sustainability also is a bullet point in the agenda of your company. Not only is this necessary for our earth, it could also earn you money.

The current developments

There is a lot of information available about sustainability. You will read what you should and shouldn’t do to make your premises more durable through online platforms, the government or via other authorities. Therefore it can be difficult to follow all of the current developments, since many changes are being made every single day. The opportunities keep developing themselves and also the field of regulations and subventions undergoes a continuous motion of change.

Become a sustainability expert with E-Learning

With CFP’s E-learning tool you will be informed about all the current sustainability information in a very approachable way. The tool makes it possible for everyone to become a sustainability expert. With E-learning you can walk through all important themes in the format of different modules. You can also make buildings more sustainable through the Energy Module which gives you a better insight of all the possibilities. Besides that the most important issues about regulations and subventions will be discussed thoroughly. Request E-Learning and magnify your outreach and impact!

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