CSR Scorecard

CSR aspects of your organization are identified clearly

  • A single overview
  • Clear focus and priorities
  • Progress monitoring

Further information on the CSR Scorecard

Corporate Social Responsibility

More and more consumers think it’s important that organizations clarify corporate social responsibilities, also referred to as CSR. In the business community there’s also more attention for durable entrepreneurships. Not only because the consumer demands this, but also because companies can save a significant amount of costs this way.

The focus on sustainability

Do you have aspirations in the field of CSR? In case you answered ‘yes’, it’s very important to set clear objectives. Setting clear goals will allow you to follow a path that contributes to your corporate identity and strategic targets. It’s also important to monitor the progress effectively in order to not lose sight of the goals. This way you can easily make adjustments if necessary.

The CSR Scorecard

All the CSR-goals that are important to your company will be clearly mapped through the use of the CSR Scorecard. CFP will enshrine all the goals in the scorecard and the scorecard will display all the aspirations, goals and performance indicators in one survey for a specific organisation. With this scorecard you achieve an integral sustainability strategy, improved focus and clear priorities which are easy to communicate and roll out within the company and/or chain.

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