Coronavirus preventive measures

How does your business become 1.5 metre-proof? Our online tools and consultants will help you to make an inventory and draw up a plan that will enable you to make your business 1.5 metre-proof as efficiently as possible.

Your business a 1.5 metre-proof as efficiently as possible

  • 1,5 metre scan
  • 1,5 metre-proof buildings
  • 1,5 metre online tools

Comply with current measures and work responsibly in your building.

More about the 1.5 metre-proof approach

1.5 metre-proof consultancy

CFP’s consultants will support your business online or on-site to become 1.5 metre-proof. They first make an inventory of the current situation and then draw up a plan with which you can become 1.5 metre-proof as efficiently as possible. In this way, your employees can continue to work safely according to the coronavirus guidelines.

The CFP app

With the app developed by CFP, you can get to work on the measures yourself. You can test the measures you have taken in the app and you will receive advice on further measures to be taken in order to comply with the new rules.

“With our data and consultants’ expertise, customers can prepare themselves for the 1.5-metre society. Our customers are professionals and can switch to 1.5 meters themselves. We offer the consultancy and tools to make this run as smoothly as possible.”

– Bram Adema, CEO of CFP Green Buildings


When your company is 1.5 metres-proof, you can be certified by CFP. This will give your company an independent quality mark, with which your employees and customers can use a safe workplace, established by an independent body.

More information

Would you like to become 1.5 metre-proof or would you like to know more about this? If so, please contact us at info@cfp.nl or leave your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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