Unifore makes a major advance in its sustainability ambitions with eight BREEAM Excellent certificates

Unifore Real Estate received 11 BREEAM certificates for its HAWK portfolio, just a little more than a year after purchase. Of the 11 certificates, no fewer than eight are BREEAM Excellent.

A remarkable achievement and a splendid milestone for both Unifore and CFP Green Buildings. Creating opportunities and adding value in the urbanising world around us; that is what Unifore is committed to every day. Making this portfolio sustainable plays an important part in this respect.

By achieving BREEAM certification, the HAWK portfolio has created a perfect starting point for further rolling out the sustainability ambitions in this portfolio. Unifore will now focus further on making the buildings SFDR-compliant, including establishing a firm foothold on the road to Paris Proof.

– Erik Dijkema, Partner at Unifore

The Transpolis building in Hoofddorp: 30% reduction in carbon emissions

The presentation of the certificates took place at the Transpolis office building, which is also Unifore’s headquarters. The building in Hoofddorp is an extraordinary office building with international allure. Transpolis is one of eight properties that are now certified as Excellent. CFP Green Buildings achieved an A+ EPC here by, for instance, fitting LED lighting, solar panels and energy-efficient fans and by installing insulation in the technical areas. These measures will result in a 30% reduction in carbon emissions.

In addition, ecological and green spaces have also been created at Transpolis, as well as water-saving measures. During the process, CFP analysed where the highest possible energy and BREEAM performance could be achieved. Implementing the measures ensured that the buildings were made as energy efficient as possible and perform optimally regarding other sustainability targets using BREEAM.

Improving both BREEAM and energy performance

Youp van der Zande and Lian van Uem of CFP Green Buildings: ‘We look back on this project with great pleasure. The continuous cooperation between client Unifore and CFP as a sustainability partner enabled us to achieve this splendid result. Because we improved the buildings simultaneously on both BREEAM and energy performance, the most effective measures could be chosen.’

Unifore neemt BREEAM certificaten in ontvangst.

“The intensive cooperation and combination of measures ensured that Unifore’s sustainability ambitions could be achieved in a short period of time. For both Unifore and its lessees, a significant milestone for the next phase in its sustainability ambition.”

Are you interested in obtaining a BREEAM certification or do you have other questions about how to make existing properties more sustainable? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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