Sport NL Green makes sustainability of sports clubs in the Netherlands accessible

The arrival of the new tool Sport NL Green makes sustainability accessible and cost-effective for all sports clubs in the Netherlands. “It’s a good example of various parties joining forces to speed up the process of increasing sustainability in the sports sector,” say the joint partners of the Sustainability in Sport Roadmap.

Initiative from the Sustainability in Sport Roadmap

By 2050, all sports facilities will be low-carbon, all sports fields will be sustainably managed and the sports sector will be circular. This is stated in the Sustainability in Sport Roadmap, a joint initiative of the Sport & Bewegen knowledge centre, the Association of Sports and Municipalities (VSG), the Association of Sports and Cultural Techniques (BSNC), NOC*NSF and the Platform for Enterprising Sports Providers (POS). In order to achieve these ambitious goals, the sustainability tool Sport NL Green was launched on 10 November during the National Sports Trade Fair, in cooperation with CFP Green Buildings.

Sport NL Green makes sustainability easy

Sport NL Green is an independent, online tool where all aspects of sustainability come together. “All sports clubs, as well as municipalities, can receive free advice on how to make their sports facilities more sustainable. With Sport NL Green we want to accelerate the energy transition by making social real estate in the sports sector more sustainable,” says VSG director André de Jeu.
The joint mission is to achieve a 49 per cent reduction in the CO2 emissions of sports sector by 2030. “Making 10,000 sports facilities across the country, which are used by some 22,000 sports clubs and sports entrepreneurs, more sustainable offers a lot of opportunities to make the Dutch sports sector future-proof,” says Richard Kaper of NOC*NSF.
Edward van der Geest, chairman BSNC, adds, “Our industry association would like to contribute to the climate goals. With this tool, our members — municipalities, suppliers, consultancies and knowledge institutions — can test which environmental measures have an impact on improving the sustainability of a sports facility.”

Sports sector can go sustainable cost-effectively with the help of Sport NL Green

“Sport NL Green helps the sports sector on its way through partnerships with affiliated manufacturers and banks and free advice from energy coaches. In this way, together we can make the sports sector more sustainable,” said Patrick Rijnbeek, board member of the Platform of Entrepreneurial Sports Providers (POS).
“Sport NL Green not only provides insight into measures and providers, but also maps out all national and regional subsidies and financing options for your sports club. Sports clubs can then choose for themselves how they want to become more sustainable, and with which parties,” explains CEO Bram Adema of CFP Green Buildings.

Want to know more about Sport NL Green?

Do you want to know how Sport NL Green can help your sports club to become more sustainable? Go to Sport NL Green (NL) and see how the tool works, what you can do with it and how sustainability contributes to a healthy future for sport.

Together towards sustainability

Sport NL Green is an initiative of the Sustainability in Sport Roadmap. Together with NOC*NSF, Vereniging Sport en Gemeenten (VSG), Branchevereniging Sport en Cultuurtechniek (BSNC), Platform Ondernemende Sportaanbieders (POS) and the Sport & Bewegen knowledge centre, we are working on a sustainable and future-proof sport sector.

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