Randenbroek Tennis Club already has an EPC A, but can save even more

CFP Green Buildings was commissioned by Sport & Bewegen to investigate how sports clubs can meet the climate objectives for 2050. It turns out that four out of five sports clubs can go sustainable cost-effectively. In this series we highlight the five sports facilities that were investigated. In this article: the opportunities for Randenbroek Tennis Club in Amersfoort.


LTV Randenbroek has been based in its current premises in Amersfoort since the 1980s and has already made quite a few improvements. For example, the field lighting was replaced by LED lighting in 2017 and the roof was fully insulated in 2020. As a result, the tennis club now has EPC A.  So is there anything left to improve? Yes, according to the energy scan conducted by project developer CFP Green Buildings. It drew up two scenarios in which the club could reduce its energy consumption by up to 53%.

Improvement scenario

LTV Randenbroek has already implemented a number of measures to reduce energy consumption in recent years. With a smart thermostat and presence detection for lighting, energy consumption could be reduced even further. Switching to LED lighting and installing solar panels will together reduce consumption by a further 43%. And these measures will pay for themselves in five years.

Visionary scenario

But going gas-free is also within reach for LTV Randenbroek. Solar collectors can heat the water for the showers, the current windows could be replaced by HR++ glazing, and the club can switch to a heat pump. With these measures on top of the improvement scenario, the association will cut its current energy consumption by 53%. With subsidies like SDE++ and BOSA, the earn-back time for this scenario is 10 years.

“The earn-back time for just installing a heat pump is longer than the economic lifetime. Therefore, the smart thing to do is install this system only at a natural time, for example, when your gas-fired boiler is due for replacement. That reduces the payback time considerably.”

– Ilmar Bouwer, consultant at CFP Green Buildings

Savings are higher than financing costs

CFP has worked out some scenarios for financing the proposed measures. These range from financing from the club’s own resources, crowdfunding, member bonds and the possibility of leasing or renting. If the club’s own funds are not sufficient, it can opt for financing. The foundation Stichting Waarborgfonds Sport (SWS) offers guarantees on investments in sports facilities. This is an initiative backed by ABN AMRO, Rabobank, BNG, Triodos and other banks, which provide loans under low interest rates and attractive conditions. With this programme the annual savings exceed the financing costs.

Energy reduction and health

Besides being a tennis club, LTV Randenbroek is also a social meeting place for its members. The canteen is often full of people who come in to meet over a snack and a drink. That means there’s also a great opportunity to improve the building health to WELL standards: things like encouraging healthy eating, allergy labels and planting a vegetable garden or fruit trees can be part of getting the club WELL certified.

Want to get started with sustainability? 

Do you want to know how you perform compared to other sports clubs or do you want to know more about which steps you can take as a sports accommodation to become more sustainable the cost-effective way? Then take a look at Sport NL Green (NL) or contact us.

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