Eduard van Zuijlen and Marit Bouwmeester kick off the Green Buildings Regatta 2024

Every year, a special person is chosen to kick off the Green Buildings Regatta. This year, it is the honour of Olympic sailor Marit Bouwmeester and Eduard van Zuijlen, Mayor of Enkhuizen, to do so. This is an event you don’t want to miss!

A special moment: the starting ceremony

The starting ceremony is always a significant moment for the regatta participants. Tom van Putten, winner of a previous Green Buildings Regatta, said: “The start of the race is incredibly exciting. During the countdown, you can feel the tension rising.” This year, the starting ceremony will be led by none other than Olympic sailor Marit Bouwmeester and Eduard van Zuijlen, Mayor of Enkhuizen.

Enkhuizen: a perfect location for the Green Buildings Regatta

Just like in 2023, the Green Buildings Regatta will take place in Enkhuizen. According to Eduard van Zuijlen, it is the ideal location for an exciting regatta: “With its position in the middle of the IJsselmeer and as home port to a significant portion of the Brown Fleet, Enkhuizen hosts many sailing competitions. Think, for example, of the annual Clipper Race and the 24-hour sailing race. Sailing competitions with a sustainability theme are still relatively new in Enkhuizen. Therefore, I am delighted that the Green Buildings Regatta has chosen Enkhuizen as its location again this year.”

Van Zuijlen: “We will see that worldwide, sails will be reintroduced in shipping to save on fuel oil and diesel. Enkhuizen also aims to reduce its energy emissions to zero by 2040. We are working on (nearly) energy-neutral homes and the sustainability of existing buildings. In a city with 363 national monuments, this is an especially large and complex task, where we can use every piece of suitable advice. Sailing and sustainability – where better than Enkhuizen for these to come together? I wish you wonderful days in our centuries-old beautiful city!”

Who will win on 6 September?

On 6 September, the sailing race of the year will kick off in Enkhuizen. About 200 people will again compete for the coveted trophy. We look forward to a beautiful, exciting, and inspiring competition and hope to welcome you all on one of the participating boats. Who will take the win this year?

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