Data Consultancy

CFP Green Buildings can help you obtain insights into your real estate portfolio.

  • Data for decision-making
  • Creating carbon pathways
  • Data for issuing green bonds
  • Identify investment opportunities

Portfolio Analysis (baseline inventory & progress reports)

Through a portfolio analysis we create both baseline analyses and progress reports of the status of your real estate portfolio. Hereby CFP offers an in-depth illustration of your portfolio business case to understand current and forecasted investments, energy score improvements, such as EPC, carbon reduction, and suggested sustainability measures. To do so, CFP will upload your portfolio to our Green Buildings Tool and carry out the analyses through data exports.

​The portfolio analysis can be linked to important industry regulations and standards such as MEES, the EU Green Deal, and understanding and assessing carbon emissions through PCAF and the Science Based Targets. The analysis will therefore support you in compliancy checks and risk mitigation.

Green Bonds Analysis

Through defining the top 15% sustainable buildings, or all assets with at least an EPC A, CFP will help you determine and promote your real estate portfolio for sustainable investment. We determine and calculate this through our methodology and impact analysis. In doing so, we will compare the greenhouse gas emissions of your given portfolio against a reference portfolio, confirming the buildings eligible for green bonds.

This is beneficial for your ESG strategy as well for competitive advantage as it will support you in compliance with regulations such as the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure, Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, EU Taxonomy, and the Sustainable Finance Action Plan and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. ​

Carbon Benchmarks

​Our carbon benchmark analysis helps you to understand your carbon emissions across different entities. This allows you to compare and benchmark your carbon footprint against your competitors or other organisations within your sector and/or industry. By setting a carbon benchmark against previous years, we monitor your progress in carbon reduction, on route to Paris Proof, and advise on next steps to further carbon emission reduction and savings opportunities.

Carbon benchmarking is linked to an array of initiatives and regulations such as PCAF, Science Based Targets, Carbon Disclosure Project, EU Green Deal, and Scope 1-2-3 greenhouse gas emissions.

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