CFP helps Lloyds Banking Group’s real estate clients to assess the business case for retrofitting instantly

CFP Green Buildings has started a collaboration with Lloyds Banking Group. The Green Buildings Tool, developed by CFP Green Buildings, helps real estate owners instantly assess the business case for undertaking retrofitting initiatives and consider costs, savings, CO2 reductions and EPC impacts. After piloting the Green Buildings Tool in the summer of 2019, the official tool has now been launched to commercial banking clients.

Lloyds Bank Group services some of the sector’s largest players as well as SME clients, and they were looking for something scaleable, cheap and easy to understand to make improving sustainability a priority for the whole sector, which led to the collaboration on the Green Buildings Tool.

For the sector’s bigger players, the tool’s ability to process vast quantities of properties quickly is invaluable, distilling data into easy-to-navigate recommendations. The metric-rich output helps technical staff feed suggestions up to C-Suite and finance colleagues to get their support.

Through the pilot, it became clear that at the smaller end of the market, where time and money can be particularly tight, the tool helps businesses focus on what is achievable and which actions create energy efficiencies.

While coronavirus has necessarily dominated the agenda this year, some businesses are considering the path back to ‘normal’. Using the free tool to assess possible improvements in a real estate portfolio is quick and easy, and could start a potentially powerful journey right away.

Read the full article, written by the Managing Director David Willock, sustainability and structuring, real estate and housing at Lloyds Bank, on Property Week.

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