CFP Green Buildings selected as Merin Supplier of the Year 2021!

At the end of each year, Merin selects its “Supplier of the Year”. For 2021, that coveted title went to CFP Green Buildings! Lieke Alberts of Merin describes why we received this award. 

Making buildings more sustainable

“CFP has drawn up dozens of EPCs for Merin. What makes CFP different is that they give useful advice that you can really put into in practice. They look for measures that are easy to implement and, even more importantly, are generally the most cost-effective,” Lieke Alders explains about the benefits of working with CFP.

“Moreover, Merin can rely on CFP to carry out its work independently and without help from third parties. We can always be sure that our tenants will not be inconvenienced by the inspection for the EPCs. The tenants and our other partners have nothing but good things to say about the presentation of the people of CFP when they come walking through our buildings.”

“In 2021 CFP has made huge strides for the Merin portfolio including EPC improvements for 16 buildings, so that at present all buildings meet the minimum EPC C requirement.”

– Lieke Alberts, Merin

In 2023 all office buildings EPC C

“Merin’s goal was to work with CFP to take the steps needed to comply with the government’s obligation to achieve an EPC C for all Merin’s office buildings by 1 January 2023. And together, we’ve already done it! All buildings now meet the minimum EPC C requirement or better, well in advance of the government’s deadline. CFP has once again played a very useful role in this,” Lieke says.

“Together with consultants, suppliers and customers, Merin creates a high-quality, sustainable and modern working environment in boutique offices in the Netherlands. Within the portfolio, the focus is on high quality buildings that are sustainable and distinctive. Merin creates offices where people can be happy, healthy and successful. CFP understands this mission and we trust them completely to build on it and move us forward. That’s why Merin thanks CFP once again for the past year, and we look forward to further growth in our cooperation!”

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