CFP and MeterInsight realize sustainability together

The attentive viewer has already seen MeterInsight pass by during the CFP Innovation Day: a tool that provides insight into your energy consumption and generation at a glance. MeterInsight and CFP Green Buildings have now been working together for a year and MeterInsight founder Erwin de Moel and CFP consultant Youp van der Zande tell more about the collaboration.

Insight is crucial for sustainability

When you get started with sustainability, energy monitoring and management are good ways to reduce your energy consumption and costs. Insight is crucial here. Erwin de Moel, founder of MeterInsight, explains how the platform helps to provide insight into your energy consumption: “MeterInsight loads measurement data from, among other things, all main- and intermediate meters and gross production meters and provides an overview of energy consumption and energy generation of your portfolio. Per building you can see exactly when and how much energy is consumed and generated per day and you can compare this with other buildings in your portfolio.”

Youp van der Zande, energy consultant at CFP, adds: “We use MeterInsight for our customers to report on energy consumption, but also to raise the alarm. If we see an unexpected peak in energy consumption somewhere, this usually means that there is room for savings. We can also use the insights obtained to properly coordinate energy consumption with energy generation.”

Data crunching and benchmarking

When Youp performs energy scans, customers get direct access to the MeterInsight platform. This has several advantages. Youp: “A customer’s data can be easily and quickly loaded into MeterInsight Energy Management. This gives both our customer and us full insight into consumption and generation, based on actual data. That is good, because it allows me to be very specific in my advice on measures to be taken. In addition, we can benchmark using the platform. The platform shows how one property performs compared to other properties in a portfolio. This often makes it more tangible and easier for our customers to make choices.”

MeterInsight and CFP Green Buildings: a good match

The cooperation between MeterInsight and CFP appears to be a good match. Youp: “MeterInsight is innovative and has a fresh look at the matter. In terms of working method, they also fit in well with CFP. We work intensively together to further develop the platform and we evaluate our cooperation every quarter. We also develop our own software, such as the Green Buildings tool. We know internally how things work around software development and that links up nicely.” Erwin adds: “We also align our roadmap with each other, so that we remain in line with the wishes of CFP and CFP’s customers. Our platform is becoming more and more intuitive and it is becoming easier for customers to work with it.”

“With the help of MeterInsight, our customers get all relevant information about their energy consumption clearly arranged in one dashboard. There are other parties in the market, but they look a bit like a Swiss Army knife. With too many options, and therefore you don’t use them. This makes the pocket knife unnecessarily thick and cluttered.”

– Youp van der Zande, consultant bij CFP Green Buildings

A sound business case with MeterInsight Energy Management

The next milestone is a roll-out to more and more customers of CFP Green Buildings. Youp: “The data from MeterInsight Energy Management is a nice addition to our Green Buildings Tool. We can now work with exact data regarding energy consumption and generation, which enables us to advise customers even more specifically about measures to be taken. With this, MeterInsight helps to make the business case for sustainability complete. But these insights are also simply indispensable for sustainability reports and the Actual Energy Intensity Indicator (WEii-indicator of the Dutch Green Building Council).

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