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How do we help you increase sustainability?

In the coming years, more than 100 billion euros must be invested in the renovation of buildings and homes. This will achieve the sustainability goals and improve the quality and health of buildings and homes. Companies in real estate, construction, installation and energy play a key role and CFP Green Buildings has all the products needed to make this transition. Together, we are taking steps towards greater sustainability in the construction sector.

The advantages
Sustainability as convincing business case
Simple overview of your investments
Insight into payback period

Our Green Buildings Tool

Quickly estimate sustainable investments, including cross-selling of energy, installation, renovation and maintenance: the Green Buildings Tool makes it possible. Thanks to this online tool you can get started quickly. You can easily estimate all savings, the intended EPC improvement and the associated investments yourself.

Key insights at a glance

View the annual savings, the total investment and the payback time of the measures at a glance.

Insight into your entire real estate portfolio

See how your entire real estate portfolio is doing in terms of sustainability in the financial sector.

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Your entire real estate portfolio in one overview

See how your entire real estate portfolio is doing and identify the opportunities in the field of sustainability.

Our work area

We take your sustainability challenges seriously. After all, our goal is to make all buildings in the world sustainable, and we are well on our way. It starts with defining our field of work as broadly as we can: all buildings, first in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium and Australia and then the rest of the world.

By taking up this challenge with us, you will be making sure that one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the sustainability issue is taken care of. Then, you can go straight to reducing your CO2 emissions and saving energy.

Maximise your property portfolio’s sustainability the easy way with the tools of CFP, and get the highest possible ROI on all buildings and homes in your portfolio at the minimum of cost and effort.

A wealth of experience

With more than 15 years of experience in making customers of construction, energy and installation companies more sustainable, our consultants will put you on the right path.

The CFP team
Driven people
Self-managing teams
Helping to make all the world’s buildings and homes more sustainable
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