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Developments and innovations in the field of sustainability just keep coming along faster and faster. That’s why we’ve created an extensive knowledge base, so you know exactly where to go to get up to speed on the latest.

Sustainable opportunities in the United Kingdom

In addition to differences, there are also many similarities between the United Kingdom…

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A bird’s-eye view of biodiversity through green buildings – 3 examples

In times of lockdown, people tend to seek solace outdoors when they can:…

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World Port Center Rotterdam most complete ESG project in the Netherlands, thanks in part to WELL Gold

The relatively new health certification WELL is attracting more and more attention, although…

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ASVZ: “Green Buildings Tool gives you the right insights to make progress fast”

Healthcare institution ASVZ has been working for some time on making both their…

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Blog: How many consultants do you need to make buildings sustainable?

Consultants will probably be asked to support, advise, and help make emissions reductions…

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Video: Making a real estate portfolio sustainable in one go with BREEAM

BREEAM-NL In-Use is a handy tool that can give you insight into the…

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CFP renewed FSQS security certificate from Hellios for 2022

CFP has been FSQS registered since 2020 and has recently renewed the certificate…

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This building project from the 1990s will make real estate more sustainable in the future

Nowadays, everyone is talking about sustainability, but even in the 1990s it was…

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Blog – How to become an international expert on sustainability?

CFP employs all kinds of people from different backgrounds; from engineers and architects…

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