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What measures pay off?

When you buy a house, there is usually a lot that needs renovating. This is a logical moment to think about what sustainability measures you can take to improve your EPC. But where do you start? How do you keep sustainability affordable? And which measures affect your EPC and which do not? Patricia called in CFP to advise her.

Tailored advice

First of all, Patricia had a building physics report drawn up and an advice on installations, in order to get an idea of the measures to be taken. But it soon became clear that if she did everything, this would not be financially feasible. CFP Green Buildings has helped Patricia to determine which measures contribute to an improved EPC and which measures have the greatest impact in her situation.

Be sustainable in sustainability! You often don’t know where to start and what measures are worth taking, because not all measures contribute equally to the EPC and savings on the energy bill. For example, a solar boiler, including installation, would cost € 9,000 and that would be a saving on our tap water. The payback period would be 20 years. Because we had to make choices, we simply couldn’t do everything, other choices were more logical and effective for us.

– Patricia, homeowner

From EPC G to EPC A

CFP’s advice resulted in a number of measures to be taken, such as interior wall and roof insulation, underfloor heating with hybrid heat pump and HR++ glass. Once all these measures have been taken, the home of Patricia and her family will go from EPC G to EPC A. This will not only save her energy consumption, but will also significantly increase living comfort.

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