• Importance of sustainability is key
  • Energy-saving measures such as heat/cold storage (H/CS) installation, LED lighting, cooling systems, water consumption
  • Aim for BREEAM score of “Excellent” for Asset, Management, and Use

Sustainability plays a major role at Het Loo Palace. It’s important for the organisation to provide transparency and insight regarding sustainability. This is done both by displaying a sustainability label and adopting a demonstrably sustainable approach. The foundation also believes that it has a major responsibility towards its visitors, staff, and stakeholders in this regard. The Palace has been closed since the beginning of 2018 for a large-scale renovation and underground expansion that should be completed in 2021. Sustainability will be taken into account in all aspects of the renovation. This includes, for example, energy storage in the ground (H/CS), LED lighting, cooling systems with natural refrigerants, demand-driven ventilation, minimised water consumption, and hybrid adiabatic humidification. CFP carried out a baseline measurement which showed that after the renovation the Palace can achieve a BREEAM score of “Excellent” (4 stars) for the “Asset” component. Together with the Palace and Valstar Simonis, CFP will attempt to achieve that certification. In addition to the Asset component, an investigation will also be carried out into whether the “Management” and “Use” sections can also be covered by the certification. You can follow the restoration work via paleishetloo.nl/vernieuwing

Foto museum Paleis Het Loo – KAAN Architecten

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