New BREEAM ‘Very Good’ certificate for the Van Gogh Museum

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  • New BREEAM ‘Very Good’ certification for the Van Gogh Museum
  • 45% energy savings through optimisation of systems
  • Gathering the right evidence to comply with new legislation

In 2014, the Van Gogh Museum became the first museum in the world to achieve a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ certificate. It recently obtained this certificate again and the museum office also meets all BREEAM requirements.

New BREEAM ‘Very Good’ certificate for the Van Gogh Museum

In order to again meet the requirements for BREEAM once more, the Van Gogh Museum has implemented a number of new sustainability measures. For example, all traditional lighting has been replaced by LED lighting. A number of intermediate meters have also been installed, allowing systems to work more efficiently. Furthermore, a number of ecological aspects have been introduced, such as the placement of bat boxes.

Most companies only go for a BREEAM certification for the ‘Asset’ aspect, i.e. the building. In addition to the ‘Asset’ aspect, the Van Gogh Museum has also certified ‘Management’ and ‘Use’. In doing so, it shows that it is making sustainability an issue across the entire organisation.


– Sander van den Berg, CFP Green Buildings


Het Van Gogh Museum45% energy savings by setting up systems differently

The Van Gogh Museum’s energy consumption has already been reduced by almost 45% as a result of various efforts in recent years. This was largely achieved by optimising the system settings. On the one hand, the heating curves of the boilers were adjusted and made weather-dependent. On the other hand, it appeared that for the collection, it was not necessary to keep the temperature and humidity exactly the same throughout the year. This meant that the control technology could be set up less rigidly, reducing the need for deep cooling and dehumidification in summer. That saves a lot of energy. A nice by-product of this measure is that the new settings and lower load on the systems also result in fewer malfunctions.

Over the years we have built up a great deal of knowledge regarding sustainability. But because of the changing rules, you also need an expert in a BREEAM project. CFP has helped us comply with all the new legislation.


– Ben van der Stoop, Senior Property Management Advisor at the Van Gogh Museum


Van Gogh Museum AmsterdamCFP’s role is shifting from pioneer to expert

CFP has supported the Van Gogh Museum regarding sustainability right from the start. Ben van der Stoop of the Van Gogh Museum explains how the role of CFP has evolved over the years. “In the beginning, everything was new to us, and in 2013 CFP conducted a baseline measurement to see where we stood in terms of sustainability. Together with CFP, we have also formulated a sustainability ambition: the Van Gogh Museum would like to become one of the most sustainable museums in the world. Quite ambitious, but its main purpose is to continuously improve ourselves. CFP played a pioneering role in this and made a number of recommendations to help us work towards this ambition. Together we completed a sustainable renovation and in this way, we got to know the matter better and better. We have since set up our own in-house Green Think Tank, which has taken over the pioneering role and CFP acts as an advisor on sustainability issues. This expert role is indispensable to us in coordinating and gathering the right evidence and complying with changing legislation.”

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