Groot Handelsgebouw becomes 1.5 metre-proof with the help of an independent quality mark

Before Article
  • Survey of the current work situation in the Groot Handelsgebouw
  • Report with an overview of the measures to be taken and the costs involved
  • One of the first buildings in the Netherlands to be awarded the One-and-a-Half Metre Office certificate

The Groot Handelsgebouw, a national listed building measuring 120,000 square metres, is one of the largest multifunctional buildings in the Netherlands. The owner is real estate investor and manager Jamestown. As the owner of multifunctional buildings all over the world, Jamestown began preparing its COVID-19 plan as early as January. CFP Green Buildings went to work for them on the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam.

Coronavirus measures for the Groot Handelsgebouw

The Groot Handelsgebouw has been working on sustainability measures for some time now. CFP is supporting them using BREEAM and WELL. When coronavirus took hold, a supplementary requirement arose: ‘How can we ensure that the public spaces of the Groot Handelsgebouw can be visited easily in the light of the coronavirus measures?’

On-site visit

Firstly, CFP visited the Groot Handelsgebouw site and made an assessment of which measures should be applied in order to comply with the 1.5-metre certification as efficiently as possible. It also examined the behaviour of the users of the building. On this basis, CFP estimated which measures were the most efficient and would work best in practice.

It’s important to examine user behaviour too. For example, we can come up with certain walking routes or time slots for coffee breaks, but the important thing is that users are willing and able to adhere to them in practice.”


– Kereshma Nabizada, Account Executive at CFP

Locatiebezoek Groot HandelsgebouwMeasures to become 1.5 metre-proof

On the basis of the on-site visit, a report was drawn up with various scenarios and associated costs. All possible measures are clearly indicated on a plan per floor and per space and a list was drawn up of materials that would have to be purchased in order to become 1.5 metre-proof. These include disinfectants, plexiglass and stickers.

Implementing the report

Prior to the inventory, a number of measures had already been taken at the Groot Handelsgebouw. CFP’s reporting provided the Facility Services Manager with insight into what still had to be applied and what the costs involved were. The report was also used to inform tenants and employees about the measures taken.

One-and-a-half Metre Office certificate

In the meantime, all measures have been implemented and an audit has taken place. As one of the first companies, the Groot Handelsgebouw now has a One-and-a-Half Metre Office certificate, issued by SKG-IKOB. That means that employees can return to work safely.

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