Create maximum value with minimal use of virgin materials

Before Article
  • Cooperation between three ministries and more than 60 market parties
  • Use of virgin materials
  • Manual and roadmap for circular buildings
  • Platform managed by the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC)

CFP implemented the project and programme management for the GDCG platform, which involves cooperation between three ministries and more than sixty market parties to translate the ideas of the circular economy into actual buildings. The idea was to create maximum value in providing sustainable accommodation by minimising the use of virgin materials and other raw materials. We did this by allowing used materials to retain their value during and after use, for example by reusing and recycling them. We also compiled a manual and a roadmap for circular buildings that led to the Green Deal, an approach by the Dutch government that provides scope for innovative sustainable developments within society. The end result is an online platform within which knowhow and documents can be shared, circular construction is promoted, and frequently asked questions are answered. The platform is now being managed by the DGBC.

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