• CSR performance quantifiable, visible, and easier to communicate
  • Basis in order
  • Responsible Business Conduct
  • Distinguishes itself as a Sustainable Insurer
  • Innovations

Delta Lloyd was looking for ways to make its CSR performance quantifiable, visible, and easier to communicate. To do that, CFP implemented the CSR Scorecard, a tool that presents all the relevant ambitions, objectives, and performance indicators in a single overview. The Scorecard ensures a better sustainability policy and focus, clear priorities, and overview. This enables Delta Lloyd to communicate more transparently about its social impact. Because this also simultaneously results in the KPIs in the field of responsible investment being achieved, Delta Lloyd’s position has risen in the ranking of equity funds. The next steps will be to further integrate the Environment Sustainable Government (ESG) factors and to increase the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Along with implementation of the CSR Scorecard, steps were taken in the area of “Responsible Business Conduct”. This is due to the positive results in the fields of “Best in Class” employer practice, Sustainable Employability, and BREEAM. Delta Lloyd distinguishes itself as a Sustainable Insurer thanks to strategic themes such as “happy pension” and “sustainable entrepreneurs”, in which it achieves good results.

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