De Waal Asset Management goes for sustainable, varied, and safe

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  • Leader in making buildings sustainable
  • A safer, more enjoyable, and more diverse building through revitalisation
  • Assistance with development of energy app and Energy Robot

De Waal Asset Management [De Waal Beheer] is a leader in making existing buildings more sustainable. Commissioned by De Waal, the former provincial government building in the Rijnsweerd business park in Utrecht has been completely renovated, transformed, and equipped with 690 student residential units and 17 storeys of offices, with “De Pyth” as the radiant centrepiece. The project has made Rijnsweerd safer, more pleasant, and more diverse.

In cooperation with the ING bank, energy labels, energy savings, and optimisation of energy performance have been achieved at the buildings managed by De Waal. For De Waal, sustainability is always paramount, which is why the company encourages the development of methods to optimise energy performance. De Waal has contributed, for example, to the development of the energy app and the Energy Robot.

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