a.s.r. achieves 11 ‘Very Good’ BREEAM certificates with the help of BREEAM Quickscan

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  • BREEAM Quickscan for offices of ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund
  • 11 BREEAM ‘Very Good’ In-Use certificates and 1 ‘Good’
  • Improvement plan for further sustainability measures at natural moments

Sustainability is embedded in a.s.r.’s business operations. You can see it in the company’s sustainable investment policy and efforts to make existing properties more sustainable, but also in its focus on the sustainable employability of staff. In 2020, a.s.r. real estate decided to conduct a BREEAM Quickscan of the existing portfolio together with CFP to see how the office portfolio stood in terms of sustainability.

From BREEAM Quickscan to Certification

Knowledge of the current situation is crucial when you aim to make real estate more sustainable. For this reason, a.s.r. real estate conducted a BREEAM Quickscan in early 2020. Daniëlle van Wijk, Technical Asset Manager at a.s.r. real estate, explains: ‘The BREEAM Quickscan provided a good picture of the current status of our portfolio, but it also gave us insight into what measures were needed to make it even more sustainable and to achieve a higher BREEAM score. On the basis of the BREEAM Quickscan, we decided to have the entire office portfolio certified.’

Maximum results in minimum time

Time was limited as a.s.r. real estate wanted to complete the process within the 2020 calendar year. Daniëlle: ‘We received a whole list of improvements from CFP’s BREEAM Quickscan. Together with CFP, the managers and fitters, we looked at what was feasible in a short period of time. Examples include water-saving measures, leak detection and more separate waste streams. This enabled us to provide one building with a BREEAM 2-star ‘Good’ rating and eleven buildings with a BREEAM 3-star ‘Very Good’ rating before the end of the year.’

The certification of the office portfolio went smoothly because of the good cooperation with CFP Green Buildings and our managers Cushman & Wakefield and Colliers. In April 2020, a quick scan was started and before the end of the year the certification was completed with a great result.


– Daniëlle van Wijk,

Technical Asset Manager at a.s.r. real estate


Improving BREEAM scores with the help of a multi-year maintenance budget

All office buildings are now BREEAM certified, but this is not the end of the process. The ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund’s wish list now includes improving the current BREEAM scores. ‘But we need more time to achieve that. A lot of the work can be done only during a major renovation,’ Daniëlle explains. ‘As soon as we start renovating buildings, we will also upgrade them and make them more sustainable in order to go one step further with BREEAM.’

BREEAM important when purchasing new properties

‘Our BREEAM targets are included in our 3-year business plan,’ says Daniëlle. ‘When new properties are purchased, they must be in line with our policy objectives. For example, Wonderwoods in Utrecht and EDGE Eindhoven will become BREEAM ‘Excellent’ immediately. And Tree House in Rotterdam will even receive a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating.’ This once again puts a.s.r. on the map as an important player in making real estate more sustainable.

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