Your sustainability partner

CFP Green Buildings is an expert in the field of sustainability. We partner with companies and individuals to make their buildings more sustainable. We do that by providing online, personal advice and various practical tools. Our aim is to create a sustainable environment in which people are healthier, happier, and safer. We see sustainability not only as the best way but indeed the only way for us to continue to live on earth with 10 billion people.

Our work starts in the Netherlands, which is where we are based. We want to make every building and home in the country more sustainable, because it’s only then that we can achieve the optimum result that we are aiming for. But our work doesn’t stop at the Dutch border: we’ve now made more than 300,000 buildings sustainable in seven countries.

Sustainability can only be achieved through collaboration, in which we view our partners as sustainability managers. And those partners can be anybody. We offer online tools and have consultants ready to advise and answer questions, so that everyone can work on making a building more sustainable, whether it’s a home or office premises. Our goal? We want everyone to be sustainability managers!

We innovate constantly and share our sustainability expertise with CSR Netherlands, the Dutch Green Building Council, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, and Facility Management Netherlands. We do that in various ways, through scientific research, writing articles, and organising events such as the annual Green Buildings Conference with the ABN AMRO Innovation Challenge. We also organise “innovation days” and the annual Green Buildings Regatta sailing race.

Our clients include ABN AMRO, ING, Volksbank, BNG Bank, Rabobank, Vivat, Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam (AMC), University Medical Centre (UMC) Utrecht, Vattenfall, large cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, ministries, museums, and technology companies such as Croonwolter&dros and Unica. In addition to our mission to make buildings more sustainable, we make an active contribution to projects to combat climate change. That includes supporting and taking part in the 2 Degrees North Pole Expedition. CFP team members are also actively involved with the Maasai in Kenya and in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge.

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