Industry joins forces to launch Built Environment Virtual Pavilion for COP26

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COP26 logo breedTo enable maximum participation, UKGBC is acting as secretariat to CFP Green Buildings and many other organisations who have joined forces to establish a smart virtual presence, which aims to give the sector a voice at COP26, and generate a reach and legacy that can stretch beyond COP itself.

The Virtual Pavilion will comprise an exhibition of global exemplar projects and places, within a bespoke virtual reality (VR) space, as well as a major series of events and downloadable content – to include keynotes, panel discussions and more. For further details about the UK Built Environment Virtual Pavilion, visit the website of UKGBC.

The eyes of the world will be on COP26, for what must be a key milestone moment – a historic turning point in our battle against climate change. It is an opportunity for nations, cities, businesses and civil society to demonstrate that the Paris Agreement is effective, momentum is unstoppable and – perhaps above all else – we are moving from targets to action.


– Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive at UKGBC

Built Environment Virtual Pavilion

The UK Built Environment Virtual Pavilion, is being curated by a coalition of partner organisations across the built environment sector, to give the sector a strong voice at COP26. The Virtual Pavilion will enable widespread access and engagement with built environment issues at COP26 that will complement whatever activities are able to happen in person, and provide an online legacy that will last far beyond November.

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