Working at CFP – A working day for Office Manager Claudia

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There are currently 35 staff working at CFP. How do these people work together and how is their work-life balance? In this interview series, our employees give you a look behind the scenes. From developer to consultant or back office manager.

Claudia – Office manager

Claudia van Sintmaartensdijk has worked at CFP for almost five years. She started as a junior consultant, but has been working as an office manager for several years now. In this position, she takes care of a large part of the business administration, but she is also involved in the organisation of various events, and the inflow and outflow of colleagues. In other words, a varied job.

From junior consultant to office manager. That’s not an everyday career move

No, that’s right. I came to CFP via a temporary employment agency. The agency did not give many details about the vacancy, but the vacancy for secretary appealed to me. Then things moved fast, because I could come for an interview the next day and within five days I was already working. But not as a secretary, because that position had already been filled. Because of my facility management studies, CFP also saw other possibilities, and I was able to start working as a consultant.

So, did you like it?

It was a fun challenge and I did it for six months. But it wasn’t quite my thing. I prefer to work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. Fortunately, I was able to discuss this with CFP and they were willing to help. When a position in office management became available, I soon moved. And I really fit in there and my experience as a junior consultant often comes in handy as well.

What makes my work unique? The variety. I do much of the administration and organise events and staff outings. But I also do a lot of HRM work, such as the inflow and outflow of colleagues. In fact, I do everything that you can’t predict and that nevertheless has to be done. That’s a nice challenge.


– Claudia van Sintmaartensdijk

Can you tell us more about working together at CFP?

At CFP, we work together in an exceptional way. There are no managers and we have an agile approach, working in self-managing teams. Office management works the same way. We all have our own responsibilities and know what needs to be done. In this way, we can switch quickly and remain flexible. And despite the fact that we are small, this makes us deliver the quality of a large company.

You now have a beautiful family in addition to your work. How do you combine your work with family life?

I used to work four full days, but since our oldest son started going to school, I have changed this to three full days and two half days. That means I can be at home on Wednesday afternoons and Friday afternoons. We also use day care for our other son, my husband has a “daddy day” and we can fall back on family. Fortunately, a good work-life balance is also important for CFP and a lot of attention is paid to this. Because if one aspect isn’t right, it will also affect the other. Because of the agile way of working, people are guided by output (instead of presence) and I have the freedom to plan my work in a more flexible way.

Finally: Would you recommend CFP as an employer to others? And if so, why?

Yes, I certainly would. It is an organisation with short lines of communication, which makes it easy to discuss things with colleagues. CFP is open to your ambitions, so if there is something you would like to develop, they will be happy to offer constructive advice. In addition, the working atmosphere is very important and at CFP that’s definitely good!

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