The influence of coronavirus on energy usage in office buildings

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Lege kantoorruimteSince the coronavirus outbreak, people are working from home a great deal. This means that many office buildings are largely empty. What impact does this have on the energy usage of those offices? And what opportunities does the vacancy offer for energy savings? CFP decided to put the matter to the test and emerged itself in the figures using the energy robot.

20 to 30% less energy usage in office buildings

Consultant Berber emerged herself in the figures of a number of office buildings that use CFP’s energy robot. “You can see that there has been a clear reduction in energy usage in office buildings since the rules for working from home were imposed from 12 March. On average, you can see that offices have reduced their energy usage by between 20% and 30%.”

Savings opportunities are not yet being fully exploited

In recent months, CFP’s consultants have visited many business premises. And in all cases staff occupancy of the premises was low due to working from home. Much more could be saved on energy usage. Currently, savings are often only made on lighting, while the central heating, cooling and air-treatment systems are operating normally as usual. But how?

By making an analysis of your business operations and the technical concept of your building, we can advise on which measures can be implemented in your building to further reduce your energy usage.


– Kees Jan Blaauboer, Senior Consultant at CFP.

Many homeworkers are expected in the long term

Because the general expectation is that in the long term, working from home will partly continue, it makes sense to see where you can save on your energy usage. We now see that in practice, only a few of the many floors are being used. And all this while the entire building is being heated. Energy usage is currently lower due to coronavirus, but a lot more energy is used per FTE. This will have to be examined at some point in the future. For example, a change to the technical system can ensure that the air treatment, including heating and cooling, can be adjusted per floor. And this technical adaptation would have a payback period of no more than five years.

Would you like to know how you can save energy in your building? Please contact us via for tailor-made advice.

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