Update: Ecotourism in Tangting

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Ecotoerisme in TangtingIn the autumn of 2019, we travelled with a group to Nepal to visit places including Tangting. This mountain village lies at the foot of the Annapurna Massif and has about 1,200 inhabitants from the ethnic Gurung community. Last year, a start was made on setting up ecotourism in Tangting, which will improve employment and living conditions. You can read how the project is progressing here.

Preparations in full swing

The residents of Tangting haven’t been sitting idle for the past year. A website has been created and there are several hiking trails in the beautiful surroundings. A number of traditional homestays have been set up in the village to welcome tourists. There are also brochures, posters, booklets and route maps designed to provide tourists with all kinds of information. These materials will be distributed at various accommodations and travel agencies in Nepal to promote all the beauty that Tangting has to offer.

The inhabitants of Tangting cordially invite you to come and taste their raksi (rice wine) while you dance under the starry sky overlooking the Annapurna! We already had a taste of this fantastic experience last year and hope that it will soon be possible for more people to experience it.


– Bram Adema, CEO of CFP Green Buildings

Ecotoerisme in TangtingDespite COVID-19, the residents are determined

Of course, COVID-19 has also had its impact in Nepal and because of this, the entire tourist sector has suffered a huge blow. On 24 March 2020, Nepal went into a lockdown and since then there have been no more visitors to Tangting. Residents of the village are only allowed to travel to the nearby large city of Pokhara. Despite the fact that the pandemic is having a huge impact on the local economy, the inhabitants are determined to make the best of it.
Nevertheless, the locals see that Tangting is seen more and more as a tourist attraction. People from far away want to visit Tangting and the residents of Tangting look forward to the future positively.

Of course, the current situation brings challenges for the people involved in the homestays and other tourist activities. In the meantime, many of them have started collective agriculture as an alternative (e.g. millet, vegetables, flowers, etc.). Some have even started brewing traditional rice wine while the lockdown continues for sale later on


– Ramesh Paudyal, Country Manager of the Unica Foundation

Ecotoerisme in Tangting

Accessible again from 17 October

The local authorities are considering making Tangting accessible to tourists again from 17 October. However, this will depend on how the situation develops in Pokhara. Until then, the residents of Tangting are doing everything in their power to keep the local economy running and to prepare tourism activities as well as possible, so that they can give tourists a warm welcome as soon as they are allowed to visit again.