Online event: Greening real estate in the United Kingdom

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Foto Nederlandse ambassadeCFP Green Buildings has teamed up with key players in the UK to support the energy transition in real estate. The Dutch Embassy will host an online event to launch this initiative. CFP Green Buildings CEO Bram Adema will present the five key lessons for large-scale sustainability, followed by Greg Arkus, Head of ING Bank Financial Institutions, who will address the financial gains from greening real estate. UK Green Building Council’s Julie Hirigoyen will summarise the value and conditions for a major roll-out for the UK energy transition.

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Greening real estate in the United Kingdom is an online webinar and will take place on
17 September 2020 from 9:00-10:00 BST. To attend the webinar, please register below. We hope you will be able to join.

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Buildings and homes as major consumers of raw materials

Making homes and offices more sustainable is a huge challenge, yet very important as the built environment is one of the largest consumers of raw materials. In addition to the significant amount of fossil fuels, buildings also consume many other materials. In the quest for a zero-carbon economy, a lot can therefore be achieved in the built environment.

Extensive opportunities for the future

According to UK regulations, a building must have an EPC rating of at least E to be let and an EPC label A in 2030. Furthermore, 25 million homes and buildings offer an enormous opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions and to become energy neutral. Making real estate more energy-efficient will result in an annual cost saving of GBP 4.5 billion for owners and tenants.

Making real estate sustainable on a large scale

By combining their experience from over 15 years of screening buildings with big data, CFP Green Buildings has developed a digital tool: the CSR Manager. Clients of banks, utilities, technical contractors, public authorities with more than 300,000 buildings and homes are using this digital app, becoming the highest scale-up, client-empowered sustainability project.

For Dutch participants

*Het webinar is ook toegankelijk voor iedereen die zich interesseert in de verduurzaming van onze Engelse buren. En voor iedereen die wil weten hoe we met de online tools van CFP meer dan 100.000 gebouwen in de UK helpen verduurzamen. Inschrijven is gratis.