BREEAM course

Before Article

Online BREEAM cursusSome of our consultants have already completed many projects using BREEAM in recent years, which is why we think that all CFP consultants should be BREEAM experts. Consequently, many of our consultants are now training to become BREEAM experts.

The course

In two days, six CFP consultants were updated on BREEAM during a DGBC in-company training session. ‘We were the first group to follow the course remotely and fortunately that worked out well’, says Remon Elshof, consultant at CFP. ‘And we as a group also had quite a bit of insider knowledge, so they didn’t have to explain everything in detail’. Berber Veenstra, also a consultant, adds: ‘Your role as an expert also came to the fore during the course. Attention was focused on your responsibilities and the role of the various credits.’

The two course afternoons have made me think more positively about BREEAM. I didn’t realise beforehand that BREEAM could offer such great added value for the assessment of sustainability in the built environment.


– Remon Elshof, Consultant at CFP

VogelhuisjeThe first experiences with BREEAM

Remon didn’t quite know what to expect from BREEAM before the course. ‘My image of BREEAM was rather limited. I had heard that BREEAM is mainly about the existence of birdboxes and such. But during the course, I discovered that there are many categories, including pollution and ecological development (with the birdbox), but it is much wider than I thought. And as I went through the credits, I became more and more enthusiastic about all the possibilities of BREEAM.’

Berber had been working with BREEAM for some time prior to the course. She was already familiar with most aspects of BREEAM, but learned about the DGBC tools during the course. ‘These tools help you to certify buildings. In the Assessment Tool, you can bundle all the evidence transparently and the Quick Scan gives an online overview of the possibilities for a building.’

BREEAM is a clear and broad quality mark. It offers a good basis and fits in well with existing buildings. BREEAM provides a very inclusive picture, which also takes into account questions such as ‘How do you deal with your rain or other water’ and ‘How healthy is the building?’


– Berber Veenstra, consultant at CFP

Getting to work with BREEAM

After the course, Remon immediately started working with BREEAM and in the next six months he will independently handle the certification of a number of shopping centres. ‘I can put it into practice right away. I didn’t expect it to happen so fast! And the clients for the BREEAM certification are really at the forefront of the energy transition, so it’s nice to contribute to that.’