One-and-a-half Metre Office certificate secures new work protocol

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It’s all about being able to move freely, with at least a metre and a half around you. Is that possible? If so, organisations can apply for the new independent One-and-a-half Metre Office certificate. CFP Green Buildings and SKG-IKOB developed a recognition scheme for organisations that have set up all workplaces, meeting and traffic spaces, taking into account a distance of one-and-a-half metres. The certificate demonstrates that offices are fully adapted to the new rules and protects colleagues and visitors. The two companies developed this new guideline in close cooperation in just 1.5 weeks.

Recognition scheme open to all parties in the Netherlands

The One-and-a-half Metre Office recognition scheme is open to all parties in the Netherlands, so that multiple organisations can be recognized as certifiers. Offices can be certified by approved organisations, such as CFP Green Buildings. SKG-IKOB guarantees due care and independence.

The advantage of our joint initiative is that we were able to develop a fully-fledged scheme very quickly. This is exceptional and also marks our joint intention to offer specific support to organisations in the new business reality.


–¬†Bastiaan Benz, director SKG-IKOB

anderhalve meter kantoorA party that has been positively assessed will receive the certificate of recognition. SKG-IKOB will then carry out all required work to ensure continued compliance. The approved company will register any building that has been assessed and meets the one-and-a-half metre requirement. SKG-IKOB will carry out random checks in accordance with the requirements of the recognition guideline. An exterior sign constitutes the physical proof of recognition for each registered office building.

App tests one-and-a-half metre requirement

Companies that want to check whether they meet the one-and-a-half meter requirement can get down to work using the app developed by CFP. Companies can make an inventory of workplaces and see what steps are still needed to comply with the new measures. It is also possible to test measures taken previously. Subsequently, the organisation can call in the recognised company to obtain the certificate.

As a result of this collaboration, we have achieved a reliable and independent certification that is accessible to everyone. This is very important so that the economy can start up safely as soon as possible.


– Bram Adema, CEO at CFP Green Buildings.

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