Remote EPC

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EnergielabelWhen you sell or rent out your property, having an EPC is mandatory. In addition, many EPCs will expire in 2020. It is therefore important to deregister a new EPC for your building so that you continue to comply with legislation.

We can for the most part calculate the EPC of your building remotely. By retrieving digital files, photos of existing systems, drawings and implemented measures, we can prepare the EPC remotely. In order to actually obtain the EPC, an on-site check is necessary, but this does not require personal contact. This takes place as follows:

Steps for remote EPCs

Deregister your EPC

Our EPA-U certified advisor goes through the step-by-step plan above and can therefore finalise the calculations for the EPC. This guarantees you a valid EPC for the next ten years. In addition, our consultant will be happy to tell you what measures you can introduce to improve the EPC.

Would you like to know more or deregister a new EPC? Please contact Stefan Maatman via or leave your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

In order to prepare an EPC, it is important to establish on location whether the data we have collected is correct. This concerns, for instance, the heating system or the insulation of the building shell. This is easy to do without physical contact in vacant buildings or by telephone.


– Stefan Maatman, senior consultant at CFP Green Buildings