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Consultants from CFP Green Buildings normally carry out on-site energy assessments to identify savings opportunities for homes and buildings. On the basis of the data obtained, the improvement measures can be determined. In connection with the measures surrounding coronavirus, we have adapted our working method so that you can still receive energy advice without physical visits and contact, in order to make savings and become more sustainable with minimal delay and costs.

In order to obtain the best possible picture of the building and the potential savings, our consultant takes the following steps:

Energy Assessment

The results

After taking stock of the data, the consultant makes the calculations and draws up the advice. The result is a report that is sent to you containing the business case, the measures to be taken, savings and the effect on the EPC. You can use this advisory report for the competent authority, to request quotes or to implement measures in the long-term maintenance plan.

Would you like to know more or receive remote advice? Please contact Bert van Renselaar via or leave your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

In practice, our energy assessments are often done remotely. Using, for example, drawings, maintenance plans and photos of existing systems, the consultant can draw up the draft report. Performing the on-site assessment is then the verification of what has already been detected remotely. That step is now becoming digital by, for example, examining exactly the same points via Skype or WhatsApp.”


– Bert van Renselaar, partner at CFP Green Buildings

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